Why I’ve set this up

I made this site as an alternative space to share away from social media. 

When I post something on Facebook it is often to share my current musings, experiences and creative work. 

However, something about doing this never quite sits well with me, as it is all so fleeting and at times, feels a superficial way to share something personal of oneself. 

I am aware that whatever I post via this huge social media beast, is devoured and simultaneously owned by this organisation. When I share something of what it is to be human, or anything meaningful it soon gets lost in this maya of information.

I feel this is a selling of oneself. This lack of control makes me feel vulnerable and uncomfortable.

So, I have decided to use this site, as a place I can delve deeper where I have autonomy over my thoughts and my work. Friends or those who somehow have come across this site are invited to go that tiny bit further, to click here to explore blogs, photographic explorations and archives of work and current projects.

Ultimately I want to explore sharing in a more meaningful and authentic way.

The aim of this site is to offer uplifting, meaningful work on a regular basis and to have a site where I can archive this work as an Artist.

A place where everyday life and art cross over on a daily basis.

In a time where many of us are feeling frustrated, disillusioned and disheartened with our governments and the state of the world at large, it is important to be continually reminded of the part we can play in the bigger picture. By focusing on the difference we can make, no matter how small, where we are in the world, with our friends, families, communities and others further afield.

The importance of our human spirit, our connectedness to one another, ultimately our awareness and actions in the moment is vital. The quality of kindness and love are the forces behind change and a shift in our minds, hearts and consciousness.

Being creative conscious forces in the world is also vital, we need to continually remind and support one other to keep doing our work regardless and stay awake and aware in times of great darkness. 

Friends, family and community are one of the most important things in life. We all support one another and are all inextricably linked. 

With this feeling of sharing I hope you enjoy my site and get something out of it to encouarge your own creative endeavours.    


© Martina Ziewe 2017